Lifting Italia is known for Its Opulence & Elegance, style and culture of innovation. Celcius Systems Italia Elevators combine the design and production of magnificent vertical technology, Celcius Systemsintroduces a series of new materials with the final objective of obtaining a result of high aesthetic and functional value.

These Italia Elevators are the Absolute solution to overcome architectural hurdles in public environments like Residential and commercial Buildings & can guarantee the right solution to all needs . They can be installed in Residential buildings but fit perfectly every environment .

Celcius Systems hydraulic home lifts are designed to solve the needsof vertical mobility and to remove architectural barriers in all environments. These Are Hydraulic elevators that can be fullycustomized Wide options in finishes These Hydraulic Elevators Can be used for internal and external application. NOVA ELEVAT

  • Hydraulic elevators that can be fully customized
  • Wide options in finishes
  • Can be used for internal and external application
  • Hydraulic type, speed of 0.2 and 0.3 mps